Sunday, 18 January 2009

First Week Back...

Well its the end of the first week back to ol' Falmouth, and it defiantly doesn't feel like were being eased back in after the Christmas holidays. The first term feels completely different, i.e the learning curve just got a whole lot steeper. I knew we had an essay for history and theory, which I was just about getting my head around what the questions mean. I'm not looking forward to this referencing thing, but the lecture notes will help with the research side.

Learning how to model in Maya was pretty good and I enjoyed it. I decided I'd better write down everything because its quite possible I would forget some vital thing next time. Even though I enjoyed it, it was still hard work and a lot of information to take in (polygons have stupid rules!). I don't know how I'm going to piece together a room out of them.

Wednesday was the day that ruined the 'first week back' vibe! I thought it would just be a morning tutorial on how to use this new programme 'After Effects'. Little did I know that it was more like you have a week to learn how to use this programme and produce the graphics for the broadcasting students. I think every ones brains nearly fried that day. It was time for a quick lunch and then settle into Pete's tutorial. I think I got the basic principles and didn't give up.

Our group worked all of Friday to get something done towards it. this involved a lot of tutorial searching and frustratedly following complicated instructions (most of which ended in something you didn't really expect).

Thursday was more work loaded onto us, three backgrounds. But I think Ill enjoy doing it more then somethings (essay) and I don't need to learn a new stupidly complicated programme to do it either. Ive already got a load of ideas going around in my head for what to do. Well I hope next week doesn't have as many unpleasant surprises....