Friday, 25 February 2011

Matte Painting...

This is my first attempt at a matte painting. I sketched it out roughly first to make sure it was what Jenny and Lucy were looking for. I then filled in the gaps adding more layers. I tweaked the lighting afterwards which wasn't ideal, but I needed the same shot at two different times of day. It could be more detailed but most of the time you cant really see it very well on screen. Hopefully it will work and I look forward to seeing it in the scene.

Monday, 21 February 2011

This background is the first one I have done where it has the both the tree and the city/town. I think the colours could still do with tweaking but as the shot moves quite a lot it shall do for now. If I have time later I might do something to it.


Some more props for Beneath the Boughs. Only the horse and carts left.


If I see another wood texture I think I shall cry... Anyway Jenny and Lucy have had me texturing for their project 'The Little Helper' for the last few weeks now. They send me a couple of the rendered shots and it is the first time I have actually seen my textures on the models in the scene. It is an interesting insight into what this project is going to look like finished as when you are painting a texture in a UV map it is difficult imaging how its all going to fit together. It hasn't all been smooth sailing though, like any project there has been problems. The biggest one being my laptop screen displays colours quite differently from Jenny and Lucy's screens. To get around this problem they created a stricter colour palette that I could drop from.

The texture for the scenes are nearly done and I am about to start doing a few more interesting textures and the matte painting for the outside streets. I can't wait to see what it will all look like with Pete amazing lighting skills. Exciting stuff.