Friday, 11 June 2010

The End of Another Project...

I have finally finished this project!! There were a few unexpected changes due to lack of time etc. But I think I've done enough work, hopefully, to make up for it. I did one less concept than I hoped and had to cut down my storyboard a bit. But it all still seems to make sense. Well it does to me. So enjoy the pretty pictures....

Monday, 7 June 2010

Characters all done :)

Well that's all nine of my character designs done. I have added one of my favourites Daisy to the group. She is a giant green monster, described as having the texture of a pineapple. Her body is the size of a small car, and her tentacles are 30ft long. Leaf looks after Daisy for a while in the story after Daisy responds to her kindness.
Dr Scamandros is a sorcerer and is a pretty cool character too. His face is covered in moving tattoos that change according to his mood. Arthur meets him in the book 'Drowned Wednesday' on a pirate ship. I found it quite difficult to draw his tattoos so you can see them, it just looks like he has a multicoloured face.
This is one of my background designs, it is the clock Arthur is chained to by Lord Sunday. I decided to add in some fog in the background to break up the mass of grass a bit.