Monday, 31 May 2010

Pitch Project: Done and Dusted

I have finally completely finished my pitch project. Time to celebra.... Oh dear. Plenty to do on the Negotiated project but after my resent speed painting it is definitely possible, so sorry Kathy for the lack of work to this point...

This last concept was a bit disappointing really, ended up having to tweak it quite a lot but I am still not happy with it. I can't work out what the problem is either which makes it worse! It will have to do for now.

This is also my second attempt at a title page. I went for the title Nova, as in super nova, not the car. There was lots of playing round with the font etc, until I found this funky looking thing that I could colour in myself. At one point I had Aidan and Lily in the sun, but got rid of them as it looked quite cheesy.

Saturday, 29 May 2010


This is my spaceship design. I wanted something quite sleek and futuristic looking compared to the run down cities full of destroyed buildings. It is designed so that when it takes off the thrusters point downwards and for forward propulsion they rotate around to point backwards.

Another concept down... 2 to go!!

Here's another pretty piece of artwork. This is a concept of all the spaceships leaving Earth. Of course, as it is with all technology, there were some teething problems and some of the ships were dragged into the Sun. I think I could probably spend a bit more time on the background stars and getting more variation in the tones in the Sun. But the main focus is meant to be the spaceships and the planet.

Sat Under the Tree...

Here's a piece of concept work showing Lilly and Aidan sat under a tree on one of the only fresh and thriving part of the world. The rest has been turned into a barren landscape from and almost constant barrage of meteorites. Its been tough for the old Earth recently. And the constant threat of the Sun going super nova doesn't help. I think there pose Lilly and Aidan are in has captured quite an intimate moment between them. This shows how much they care for each other.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

1 down... 4 to go!

This is a concept of the scene where Lilly has to leave Aidan behind on Earth. It sounds a bit cheesy but its the emotional climax of the film and it all goes downhill from here anyways. The flames behind her are from the other rocket ships taking of, they look a lot closer then they actually are. Lilly has also had a change of costume for the occasion, opting for something more futuristic and some thing that will help keep her alive in space.

Two backgrounds done and dusted for the pitch!

I think these are my final backgrounds now... The outline problem was solved with a duel on Facebook and the idea of a mixture was brought up. Brilliant solution! I really like the rice colours in these pieces, but I think I could include more of the finer details in them.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Background... Finished!!

Here is my finished street scene... I cant decide which stlye I like best... Outline or no outline...? I think my favourite part of this is the MASSIVE sun in the background. Having the sun that big would probably effect the shadows a bit more. But I think it looks ok like this.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Essays essays essays....

Ahh!! More essays in an already stressful time. This time for Georg. I have found the lectures on animation technology really interesting and has helped me to understand how things work and why companies do the things they do. I have decided to do my essay on the advancements in motion capture, mainly because I am interested in where it is going for being used to control games. I think I will enjoy finding out how all of this works and should make some surprising discoveries...

Working on it....

Here is a working progress of one of the background for my Pitch. Its taking a while because I just want to work on my other design bible. But I now have a clear idea of what I have to do now, which is defiantly an improvement.

More characters!! I feel Like I'm on a roll!

Here are a load more of my character designs for my negotiated brief! I have only a couple more to do an then the turnarounds for a couple. I'm really into this project at the moment and must remember to work on the development project to... I feel like I have barely started on that one.

This is Suzy Turquoise Blue. Shes a wacky character stuck in the body of twelve year old for hundreds of years. She is one of my favourite characters from the book and also one of the most important.

This is Sunday's Reaper. Or as I like to call him 'Mr Grassy Pants'. I really wanted to go to town with the strangeness of his clothing and incorporate nature into it just like it is described in the book.

This is Leaf. I mostly find her annoying in the books because she seems so ordinary compered to the other characters. But I guess you need something real in them.
This is Arthur's toy elephant that he accidentally brings to life when he is chained to the clock. Elephant helps him escape but at what cost?

This is Sunday's butler. He is meant to be green... But he also looks a bit like a strange tall Yoda... Never mind.

Going to WAR!!! Or instant death....

This is my sound scape project, it is created using sounds I recorded on a M-Audio device and sounds I collected off the website It is a massive website with loads of other people collections, all free to use. I decided to do a battle sound scape, and after hearing a very strange wind sound effect, I decided to add a magical twist. I found a rather good fight recording on the free sound project website with several actorsbattling it out, I added a few of my housemates into the mix so I could pan more and having them suround you. Hopefully you can work out what happens (and can also hear my housemates marching in armour, their battle cry and drawing their swords and fighting each other. It was fun times in the kitchen that evening.)

Monday, 17 May 2010

This Aidan, he is the male main character in my development project. Hes the other side of the class devide from Lilly and has to fend for himself.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lilly- repainted

Here's my Lilly character for my development project re painted. I think I may have to tweak the style of the line work a bit til I'm happy with it.

Lord Sunday... The badass!!

He's is my character design for Lord Sunday. I think he looks a bit like the guy from lost... Not very specific and totally unintentional. I wanted him to look snobby and like he hold himself in high regard. And for the villain.... A ponytail was needed.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Disertation Proposal

This dissertation proposal was a tricky one to write... but luckily I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. I just haven't got the angle I want to attack from. I am going to write about the representation of woman in animation. I don't know if this is their role in the industry and the animations they create or the way they are shown within the animation. There are loads of books in the library on the roles of woman in film, which can be adapted to animation. I look forward to reading about all the different viewpoints everyone has.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Lord Arthur!!!

Here's a very strange looking Lord Arthur for my negotiated brief project. He looks even stranger uploaded on here because of the quality of the image.

Thinking up Characters...

Here are a couple of basic ideas for characters for the animation devlopment.

Sketchy sketch sketch...

Here are some of the rough ideas I have for the negotiated breif. Im still trying to get a clear idea of what each of the characters look like and trying to note down descriptions as I find them in the book.

Eye in the Sky....

Here is the sky again, with the colours in the hills slightly adjusted. Adam doesn't know how he is going to use this in his animation. Maybe as one of the backgrounds for the credits. I still enjoyed doing it and think its pretty....